ABOUT US - your hosts

Bob and Carolyn Kennard

After some years working in African agriculture, we moved to Graig Farm in 1988. Our initial aim was to produce chicken that tasted like chicken, just as it did before intensive production of poultry took over. In the end we established what became a pioneering and multi-award winning organic food company at the farm. We sourced meat animals from local farmers, and initially rearing the poultry on the farm. The company was sold in 2009, and continues to operate under the Graig Farm Organics name, although we have no connection with it now.

We also started an organic livestock farmers' marketing co-operative at Graig Farm, to create a structure to give farmers a stronger voice when dealing with the UK's major supermarkets. By the 1990s the likes of Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsburys were starting to stock organic meat. The co-op, which developed into having over 400 farming members across the UK, was merged with a larger group in 2012. At its peak we employed 20 people on the farm.

In 2001, HRH the Prince of Wales visited Graig Farm, arriving by helicopter. He sat and discussed with representatives of farmers, butchers, independent retailers and others on a circle of straw bales in the farm yard under the large sycamore tree, on a day of bright sunshine (see below).

In 2014, Bob’s book 'Much Ado About Mutton' was published to great acclaim. It tells  the fascinating story of mutton in the UK and beyond, More information is to be found on the website www.aboutmutton.com. A discount for a signed copy is available to Drovers Retreat guests. 



We have been fortunate enough to live here for over 30 years. We look forward to seeing you enjoying it too, albeit for a shorter time!