Dark Skies in Mid-Wales - October 2018

Milky Way looking south east from Claerwen Dam.jpg

Dark skies seem to be weighing us down. With constant mention of the six letter 'B' word I find myself shouting at the radio then reaching for my boots to escape to the surrounding hills. You can do just that. We have our own beautiful dark sky, of a different kind, right here on the edge of the Radnor Forest. Or you can venture on a short drive to take advantage of all that the 45,000 acres of the Elan Valley have to offer. October 29th is 'Dark Sky Day' at the Visitor Centre: https://www.elanvalley.org.uk/darkskies. OK, I can't dictate the weather but there is always loads to do inside, including workshops, exhibitions and, on that day, planetarium shows. If you are around on November 1st you can actually walk through a dam wall! We did this with our grandsons (8 & 12) earlier in the year and highly recommend it. The 'B' word doesn't have to be bad...
Breakout and bike, Relax and read, Explore and enrich, plenty of exciting experiences. Imagine it! Today!
Or if your name is Teresa this may just be the perfect place to hide?